Our integration with Shopgate gives you access to all of Affirm's features, including flexible payment options, order management, and easy-to-implement on-site messaging to amplify awareness and conversion.


The Shopgate mobile commerce platform makes it easy for merchants to create custom mobile apps and streamline the shopping journey. With Affirm, merchants can enable flexible pay-over-time options directly within their Shopgate-powered apps. It's a match made in mobile shopping heaven!

Offering Affirm helps merchants boost mobile conversion rates by giving customers more flexible payment choices. And for shoppers, Affirm makes purchases easy to budget, even in the palm of their hand. It's a win-win for mobile commerce!

How Affirm Works

We're here to make financing a breeze for you and your customers! With Affirm, your customers can easily pay-over-time for their purchases. Our integration is simple, so you can offer payment options online or in-store. We'll provide you with all the necessary tools to set up your business to display monthly payment options, offer prequalification, and add Affirm at checkout. Let's make financing easy together!

Integrate Affirm

To get started with your Affirm integration, contact your Shopgate account manager or Shopgate support for details on next steps. Some customization may be required.


Where will my customers see the Affirm payment option?

Affirm Monthly Payments will be displayed on the Payments Page among the other available payment methods in your app and mobile website.

Your customers will also see the Affirm monthly payment message on the Product Detail page, the Cart page, and the Checkout page. Note that if you use the Affirm promo ID, you will be able to customize the message.