Getting paid

Learn about setting up your bank account to receive payments from Affirm.


The timeline for receiving a deposit from Affirm in your bank account after capturing a charge is similar to a credit card payment timeline. Since we work with multiple lending partners to originate our loans, they are the entities that disburse payments to your bank account. Our lending partners only send payment on business days when there’s a positive settlement balance.


The process runs according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In the timeline below, we've included Pacific Daylight Time as an example of how the schedule converts to a U.S. timezone.

You can view the different disbursement flows for settlement reports below.

One originator delayed disbursement

Multiple originators disbursement

Multiple originators delayed disbursement

  • At the beginning of a day, at time 03:05 UTC (7:05 PDT), we calculate the sum of all the previous day's charges (captures minus refunds) as the settlement total.
  • If your total settlement balance is positive, then at time 05:30 UTC (9:30 PDT), we mark the settlement payment for disbursement.
  • At time 21:30 UTC (13:30 PDT), our lending partners initiate an ACH transfer to your bank for the settlement amount.
  • On the following day, by 03:45 UTC (7:45 PDT), we generate and deliver to you the settlement report that contains all of the charge actions (capture, refund, disputed, etc.).
  • Within 1 to 3 business days of initiating the ACH payment, your bank will receive the ACH transfer by 21:30 UTC (13:30 PDT) of that day.


Note that the settlement date referenced in your merchant dashboard is the date that the lending partner initiated the ACH transfer to your bank account. This date won't necessarily match the date that you receive funds in your bank account.

Please also note that, as part of our partnership with multiple lenders, you may now receive one or more daily deposits and see one or more deposit IDs in your settlement reports for each day.

Click here for information on changing your merchant bank account.

Business days

Our lending partners only send payments on business days, Monday through Friday, except for the holidays noted below. All charges processed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are in the settlement payment disbursed on Monday. If Monday is a holiday, then charges processed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are in the settlement payment disbursed on Tuesday.

Holiday schedule

New Year's DayJanuary 1January 1December 31, 2021*
Martin Luther King Jr. DayJanuary 20January 18January 17
Presidents' DayFebruary 17February 15February 21
Memorial DayMay 25May 31May 30
Independence DayJuly 3*July 5*July 4
Labor DaySeptember 7September 6September 5
Columbus DayOctober 12October 11October 10
Veterans DayNovember 11November 11November 11
ThanksgivingNovember 26November 25November 24
ChristmasDecember 25December 24*December 26*

*The holiday falls on a weekend and is observed on the noted day.

Positive settlement balance

As mentioned above in the overall process, our lending partners send payment only if your total settlement balance is positive. If your previous day's charges totaled a net positive settlement but your overall balance is negative, due to a significant number refunds in the past, they will not send payment. Review the table below.


DateBusiness DayDaily Transaction TotalNew Total Owed to Merchant
Jan 3Yes$-1,000-$1,000

Disbursement: No
No disbursement due to a negative balance
Jan 4Yes$200-$800
Disbursement: No
No disbursement due to negative balance
Jan 5No$1,500$700
Disbursement: No
No disbursement due to non-business day
Jan 6Yes$250$950
Disbursement: Yes
Disbursed net positive settlement amount ($950

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