Our integration with Volusion gives you access to all of Affirm's features, including flexible payment options, order management, and easy-to-implement on-site messaging to amplify awareness and conversion.


Make shopping a breeze with the Volusion and Affirm combo. This powerful pair takes the customizable Volusion platform and adds Affirm's flexible payment options for a checkout that rocks.

In simple terms, Volusion builds the online store while Affirm brings the buy now, pay later magic. When customers are ready to pay, they'll see Affirm as a payment choice right in the Volusion checkout flow.

With a few clicks, customers can split their purchases into biweekly or monthly payments. No interest if paid on time! It's a win-win for merchants and shoppers. More approvals mean more sales. And who doesn't love more sales?!

So if you're building a Volusion store and want checkout to be a delightful experience, bring Affirm into the mix. This payment power couple takes the hassle out of financing so you can focus on growing your biz.

How Affirm Works

We're here to make financing a breeze for you and your customers! With Affirm, your customers can easily pay-over-time for their purchases. Our integration is simple, so you can offer payment options online or in-store. We'll provide you with all the necessary tools to set up your business to display monthly payment options, offer prequalification, and add Affirm at checkout. Let's make financing easy together!

Integrate Affirm

To switch on Affirm as your new checkout companion, head on over to the Volusion help center where you'll find all you need to get set up.