Learn about Affirm's integrations with Clyde.


Affirm's integration with the Clyde platform is like having a superhero sidekick for your e-commerce journey, offering a shield of product protection, a beacon for easy registration, and a swift resolution to any distress calls. This dynamic duo ensures that as you offer the flexibility of Affirm's payment options, Clyde's guardianship seamlessly extends to safeguard each purchase. Merchants, rejoice! You're now equipped to not only empower customers with payment ease but also reassure them with stellar product protection and support, all wrapped up in the cape of Clyde's robust platform.

How Affirm Works

We're here to make financing a breeze for you and your customers! With Affirm, your customers can easily pay-over-time for their purchases. Our integration is simple, so you can offer payment options online or in-store. We'll provide you with all the necessary tools to set up your business to display monthly payment options, offer prequalification, and add Affirm at checkout. Let's make financing easy together!

Integrate Affirm

To switch on Affirm as your new checkout companion, head on over to the Clyde support documentation where you'll find all you need to get set up.