Shopify FAQs

Get answers to some common questions about your Shopify integration.

Why are some orders are marked as 'Pending' when Payment Authorization is set to "Manual capture"?

This occurs due to a bug in Shopify admin UI where after successful Affirm authorization, order status does not get updated. In this race condition, when you have Payment Authorization set to Manually capture payment for orders in Settings > Payment Providers > Payment authorization, orders may be marked as Pending instead of Authorized. You can still process these orders (Cancel or Capture) within Shopify as you would normally do. To process these orders, follow these instructions.

I have multiple Affirm accounts and believe that I may have logged into the wrong Affirm account on my Shopify store because the promotional messaging is not updating.

If you have multiple Affirm accounts and have installed the Affirm app on your Shopify store, but are encountering the issue described above, you may have connected the wrong Affirm account to your Shopify store.

To resolve this issue and connect the correct Affirm account to your Shopify store, please follow the steps below:

  1. Delete the Affirm app from your Shopify store.
  2. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  3. Open a new tab and log into Affirm Merchant Portal using the correct email address.
  4. Refresh the tab with your Shopify store and reinstall the Affirm app.