Empower your customers with the versatility of an in-store pay-over-time solution through the seamless integration of Affirm with Verifone.


Merchants located in the United States can now take advantage of Affirm's integration with Verifone and offer customers an in-store pay-over-time solution. This seamless integration process can be completed in just a few simple steps.

How Affirm Works

By seamlessly integrating Affirm with Verifone, customers gain the ability to customize their in-store shopping experience and opt for a convenient pay-over-time solution in just a few simple steps.

For a pay-over-time payment option, the customer will select "Affirm" on the Verifone PIN pad. Following this action, a QR code will be generated on the Verifone PIN Pad. Customers can then scan this code using their personal mobile device to either establish an Affirm account (for new customers) or verify their existing account. They will then follow the outlined steps to finalize their transaction.

Simulated Verifone PinPad

Once the QR code is scanned, customers will input a few essential details to establish an account (for new customers) and receive an instant decision in real-time.

Affirm Shopify Integration Overview

Upon approval, customers can then choose the payment plan that aligns with their preferences. Once the payment plan is selected, the customer will review the loan details and then finalize the transaction.

Affirm Shopify Integration Overview


You can also review our integrated checkout flow video for additional information.

Integration Steps

The Verifone integration requires minimal effort and is set-up by your Account Manager. Review the integration options below for existing Verifone merchants and new Verifone merchants.

If you are an existing Verifone merchant, you will need to contact your Account Manager to enable Affirm.

If you are a new Verifone merchant, please contact Verifone using this form.

Support & Resources

For additional support, please contact your Account Manager.