Our integration with Inntopia gives you access to all of Affirm's features, including flexible payment options, order management, and easy-to-implement on-site messaging to amplify awareness and conversion.


Integrate Affirm

For additional information about the integration between Affirm and Inntopia, visit Inntopia's help page. For assistance, contact your Inntopia Account Manager or Inntopia Partner Services. They will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Request activation of Affirm by contacting Inntopia Partner Services.
  2. Work with an Inntopia representative to submit your Inntopia Sales ID and Affirm API keys.
  3. Inntopia will activate Affirm in a stage environment.
  4. Inntopia will work with you to perform testing.
  5. When testing is completed, you will work with Inntopia to coordinate a go-live date.