Shopify Theme Editor- Product Promo Block

Add the "Affirm Product Promo" block in Shopify.


This guide will walk you through adding and customizing the "Affirm Product Promo" block within the Shopify Theme Editor.

Shopify Theme Editor- Product Promo Block

Follow the steps below to add the "Affirm Product Promo" to your Shopify store.

1. Click "Online Store"

From "Home," navigate to "Online Store" and click.

Click 'Online Store'

2. Click "Themes"

Select "Themes" from the menu.

Click 'Themes'

3. Click "Customize"

Click on "Customize" for the desired theme.

Click 'Customize'

4. Click "Products"

From the top "Home page" drop-down, select the "Products" section.

Click 'Products'

5. Click "Default product"

Choose the "Default product" option or any product page you would like to have Affirm's ALA messaging.

Click 'Default product'

6. Click "Add block"

Under the "Template" section, click on "Add block".

Click 'Add block'

7. Click "Affirm Product Promo"

Select the "Affirm Product Promo" block.

Click 'Affirm Product Promo'

8. Drag the "Affirm Product Promo" block

Click on the "Affirm Product Promo" block and drag to its correct placement under the "Price" block.

Drag the 'Affirm Product Promo' block

9. Promo Block Placement

The correct placement of the "Affirm Product Promo" is beneath "Price".

Promo Block Placement

10. Customizations

There are multiple customization options for the Affirm product promo. These options include the following: text alignment, font size, logo color, and logo type.


11. Click "Save"

Once your selections are made, click "Save".

Click 'Save'