Telesales is an alternative way of initiating the Affirm checkout.


The Telesales Checkout API is an alternative way of initiating the Affirm checkout flow. Customers will receive an email and SMS message containing the checkout URL. Once they follow the link, Affirm presents an identical integration to the In-store flow. Completing the checkout will result in a browser redirect, and an optional webhook request, which contains the checkout_token for Authorization.

How it works

To accommodate a telesales experience, consumers must apply from their own device (to avoid security and privacy issues with their Affirm application). By using this API Request, Affirm will send a text to the billing phone number provided, which will link the consumer to their online application.


The Telesales API will send SMS text messages only in the Affirm Live environment. During Sandbox environment testing, please rely on email messages to receive the checkout URL or the URL in the response back.

Using webhooks

You can optionally choose to provide Affirm with a webhook address, for server-to-server confirmation of the checkout_token (after a consumer has confirmed their loan). We will still POST the token to the user_confirmation_url, but using such a webhook can remove the possibility of client/browser errors, and expedite the update of the payment status in your telesales system.