Affirm Landing Page

Implement Affirm on a branded page with minimal development effort.


Affirm Lite 1.0 → Affirm Landing Page Update

"Affirm Lite" has been renamed to "Affirm Landing Page." This product will continue to function exactly as before, and no changes are required for existing integrations.


Affirm Landing Page is an implementation of Affirm that requires minimal development effort. In this flow, Affirm provides a merchant with a URL that can be linked to from any desired images or marketing collateral on their storefront. This URL links to a merchant branded landing page hosted by Affirm.

How It Works

When customers navigate to this URL, they provide their desired loan amount and apply to pay over time. Upon approval, we issue a virtual prepaid credit card to the customer, and they can copy and utilize the card on your site. Cards can be locked into a particular merchant's payment processor, are funded only for the checkout amount, and accept multiple authorizations and captures up to the amount on the card. 

UX Flow

The diagram below provides an example of the UX flow for US Affirm customers using Affirm Landing Page at checkout.

1. Add landing page link(s)

Obtain your unique landing page URL from your technical point of contact at Affirm and implement links to this URL where agreed upon in the path to purchase. Common integration points are:

  • Checkout page (recommended landing page link)
  • Cart Page
  • Product Detail Page

You may wish to work with your Affirm Client Success Manager to determine the look and feel of the clickable element(s) you want to add to the page (promotional text, a branded button, etc.) as well as the integration points that suit your brand and conversion funnel. Visit our Logos, Banners, and Buttons page for more information.

2. Implement Affirm Promotional Messaging

Affirm promotional messaging components---monthly payment messaging and educational modals---show customers how they can use Affirm to finance their purchases. Properly placed promotional messaging helps drive increased AOV and conversion.

Learn more about promotional messaging here.

3. Go live

After you have implemented your links to your production environment, your customers will be able to begin generating an Affirm virtual prepaid credit card for use on your website.

4. Identifying transactions via Affirm Landing Page

Transactions via an Affirm Landing Page virtual card can be labeled and identified using our unique Bank Identification Number (BIN), or any other flag you choose from the custom logic you built to handle them. Check the full list of BINs that Affirm may return.