Whether you choose to integrate with Affirm through an e-commerce platform or by directly utilizing our APIs, the process of getting started with Affirm is simple. Our comprehensive documentation offers detailed instructions for incorporating Affirm into your website, crafting impactful promotional messages, and efficiently handling your Affirm account management.


These pages are dedicated resources for Affirm's merchant partners and developers. If you are a consumer, please visit our Help Center.

What is Affirm?

Whether your customers are preparing for a vacation, upgrading appliances, or simply looking to surprise someone special, they all seek convenient ways to purchase what they want. However, such purchases may not always align with their monthly budget. This is where Affirm steps in: we offer a solution that allows your customers to purchase now and pay-over-time. This provides them with the financial flexibility and confidence they need to make that next big purchase.

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How Affirm works

We make financing easy! Affirm offers a seamless way for your customers to pay-over-time for their purchases. Our simple integration gives you mobile-friendly solutions optimized for web, in-store, and telesales. We provide all the tools you need to integrate our pay-over-time solutions and set up your business to display monthly payment options, offer prequalification, and add Affirm at checkout.


Affirm's Global integration

If you are a merchant based in Canada or would like to offer Affirm to a global audience, please refer to the relevant documentation provided here.

Financing programs

Affirm offers three primary pay-over-time financing solutions. Click on the tabs below to learn more!

Adaptive Checkout™

Adaptive Checkout™ offers enhanced payment flexibility, allowing shoppers to either split their total cost into four interest-free payments every two weeks or choose monthly installments for up to 36 months. This financing option caters to diverse budgetary needs, providing a seamless and accessible shopping experience for a wider range of consumers. It combines convenience and choice in one frictionless platform, adapting to individual financial preferences.

Install Affirm on SAP


Installment payments provide customers with the flexibility to manage larger purchases through pay-over-time options. With Affirm, customers can select repayment plans that range from 3 to 60 months, catering to orders up to $25,000. This approach enables customers to make purchases that align with their budget, offering a tailored financial solution.

Install Affirm on SAP

Pay in 4

Our Pay In 4 product simplifies the customer experience by allowing them to use their debit or credit card for quick and easy repayments. This method involves four interest-free payments, made bi-weekly, suitable for orders ranging from $50 to $249.99. Designed for smaller purchases and services, Pay In 4 not only offers convenience but also provides the most favorable rates for your customers.

Affirm SAP Commerce Promo Messaging Overview

Solutions overview

Integrate Affirm into your e-commerce site effortlessly. Our diverse range of integration solutions enables a swift and straightforward setup process – just as simple as counting 1, 2, 3!

Select the integration option that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Whether it's utilizing our versatile APIs, our Omnichannel solution that provides flexible payment options across all customer touchpoints, or opting for one of our specialized e-commerce platform extensions. Explore our most popular integrations showcased below.

Solution comparison

Explore the extensive benefits of Affirm's primary solutions - Direct API, Affirm Lite, and VCN. For a review of integration specifics, refer to the detailed chart below.

Promotional Messaging

Affirm's promotional messaging effectively communicates the benefits of our buy now, pay later financing options to customers. This strategy is essential for informing shoppers about Affirm's financing options during their browsing and before purchase decisions. Our messaging highlights the advantages of using Affirm's payment methods, such as interest-free installments and flexible payment plans. Integrating this approach into your store is a proactive way to help customers understand and appreciate the benefits of Affirm.

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