Integrate Affirm payments into your platform using our virtual card.

Affirm offers a broad selection of integration options and features for a seamless, customized and unique experience to your customers with our virtual card product.

How it works

When a customer checks out with Affirm, a virtual card for their order total is issued to the merchant for processing. This card can be authorized, charged, and refunded through your payment gateway, just like any Visa credit card.

Affirm BINs

Transactions via an Affirm Virtual Card should be labeled and identified using our unique Bank Identification Number (BIN), or any other flag you choose from the custom logic you built to handle them. The full list of BIN numbers that Affirm may return:


  • 42883400
  • 4672250
  • 4672260
  • 4672270
  • 402086
  • 480430
  • 481174

Visa Canada BINs

  • 480411009