Wix E-commerce

Affirm’s plug-and-play integration with Wix can be set up in just a few minutes! To integrate Affirm’s pay-over-time-messaging and add Affirm as a payment option at checkout, follow the steps below!


  • Flexible payments: Offer Affirm's flexible payment options on the checkout page.
  • Order management: Seamlessly manage and process Affirm charges in your order management system.
  • On-site messaging: Add Affirm promotional messaging at every phase of the shopping journey—increasing conversion and average order value for your business.

1. Integrate Affirm

Integrate Affirm into Wix in just 2 quick steps:

1. Sign into your Wix dashboard.
2. Go to your site and click Select & Edit Site.
3. Go to Settings > Accept Payments.
4. Click + Add Payment Methods.
5. Click the checkbox next to Affirm and click Add.
6. Enter your Public and Private API Keys.
7. Click Save.

2. Test your integration

You are all set! Test your integration out and you're ready to go live!



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