Using the Merchant Portal

The Merchant Portal allows you to view your business performance, manage charges, access your API keys, and more.

If you need to be added as a new user, contact your company's Administrator directly. If you're unsuccessful in reaching your Administrator or you're experiencing access issues, contact us using the Developer Support button in the bottom right.

Create your account

You can create your account either using Google or using your work email and password. For both cases, you must use the email associated with Affirm access. If your organization requires two-factor authentication, you must create an account using Google.

To create an account with your email:

1. Enter your email address.
2. Enter a password that is at least 8 characters long.
3. Confirm your password.
4. Click Create account.

To create an account using Google:

1. Click Sign in with Google.
2. Select your work Google account.



If you want to use Google, but your work email doesn't use it, then click here to connect your work email to Google.

Accessing your account

The Merchant Portal is available in the sandbox environment and the live environment. The sandbox environment is for development and testing. Affirm activates the live environment after testing is complete.

Either Affirm (typically the Client Success Manager) or whoever is administering Affirm at your company, via the settings page, can grant you access to the Merchant Portal. After giving you access, you'll receive an email invitation. In the email, click ACCESS MERCHANT PORTAL.

Merchant Portal environments



If you're instructed to enter in a phone number, this is the Affirm Customer login and you will not be able to sign into the Merchant Portal:

If you forget your password, click Forgot password? and complete the password recovery process.


The email address is not linked to the Merchant Portal

This email address does not yet have access. Ensure you're using the correct address and contact either your company's admin or your Affirm Customer Success Manager.


Your Google account does not yet have access. Ensure you're using the correct account and that you're using the primary email address as you can't use an email alias to sign in. For example, if your primary account is [email protected] and your alias is [email protected], you must use [email protected]. If you're still having issues, contact either your company's admin or your Affirm Customer Success Manager.

Live environment dashboard not available

If you're having trouble accessing your live environment, it may because you're still in the integration phase and Affirm has not activated it yet. If you are using the sandbox environment connected to your production site for testing, please ensure that you don't process orders in your online order management system. 

Navigating the Merchant Portal

The left navigation panel within the Merchant Portal allows you to view and manage different aspects of your Affirm account.

View your business performance

You can view your business performance including loan volume, average order value (AOV), and customer demographics from the home page. When you sign in, you’ll see the most recent metrics. You can change the date range by selecting the toggle.

Manage charges

You can view and process your charges in the Merchant Portal.

View charges

When you sign in to the Merchant Portal, you'll see the most recent charges.

You can search for charges entering the order ID, loan ID, status, amount, customer email, customer name, or customer phone number in the search bar. When you click on a charge row, you can view the following:

  • Date of charge confirmation
  • Affirm confirmation code
  • Customer name
  • Charge status
  • Total charge amount
  • Charge history
  • Shopping cart details
  • Billing and shipping addresses

Shopping cart details

Billing and shipping addresses

Process charges

If you're using an e-commerce platform that supports processing Affirm charges in its order management system, then we recommend using that platform to process those charges. This will keep Affirm synced with your platform. If your platform does not support processing Affirm charges or you integrated Affirm via our API, then click here for instructions on processing orders in the Merchant Portal.

Schedule settlement reports

You can schedule emails with settlement reports to any email address.

1. Sign in to your Merchant Portal.
2. On the left navigation bar, click Settlements.

1. Click the Scheduled Reports tab
2. Click the (+) icon next to EMAIL PREFERENCES
3. Enter the email address for the recipient
4. Select which report to send (daily, weekly, monthly)


About settlement reports

Click here for more information about settlement reports.

Access API keys

1. On the left navigation bar of the main page, hover over the key icon on the lower left.
2. Click the API KEYS link that appears.
3. Copy the public and private keys and store that information to use for the integration.

View API logs

On the left navigation bar of the main page, click API logs (the code icon </>) to view the most recent API logs. You can search API logs entering the status, endpoint, method, request ID checkout ID, or charge  ID in the search bar.

HTTP responseDescription
200 Successful API call
302 Customer successfully redirected to Affirm checkout flow [only for Shopify]
40x Error: Bad checkout information or incorrect API keys
500 Bad request: Incorrect syntax or wrong API URL

For reference, these are the endpoints.

/checkout/ Initiate checkout
/charges/ Authorize charge
/charges/<charge_id> Read charge details
/charges/<charge_id>/capture Capture charge
/charges/<charge_id>/void Void charge
/charges/<charge_id>/refund Refund charge (full refund unless amount is specified in the reponse).
/charges/<charge_id>/update Change shipping information or order ID.

Manage Merchant Portal users

Merchant Portal users are either administrators or non-administrators. Only administrators can add, edit, and remove users. A merchant account does not require any administrators, so it's possible that an account has 0 administrators. If you're the only administrator, you cannot remove yourself, but if there are others, you can remove them. To check your status, on the main page, go to Settings > Users and find your email address and the associated permissions.

Add a user

1. On the main page, go to Settings > Users.
2. Click the blue (+) button.
3. Enter the work email address for the user and choose the user's permission level.
4. Click ADD USER.

The user will receive an email notifying them that you've added them.

Edit a user's permission level

You can only edit a user's permission level, not the user's email address.

1. On the main page, go to Settings > Users.
2. Click on the pencil icon in the Actions column for the user's email address.
3. Click the other permission level.

Remove a user

1. On the main page, go to Settings > Users.
2. Click on the X in the Actions column for the user's email address.

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