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Merchant Help


Affirm Merchant Help

Getting Started

1. Watch a demo.

Click here to walk through a brief demonstration of how Affirm can be integrated onto an eCommerce site.

2. Integrate Affirm into checkout.

You can start by either selecting your platform from the dropdown above, or by checking out our API docs.

3. Embed Affirm on-site marketing components.

You can drop a couple snippets of code on your product and cart pages to enable monthly payment messaging and informational modals.

4. Create a marketing plan.

Work with the Merchant Success team on a marketing plan that features Affirm. Utilize your existing marketing channels to inform visitors about Affirm, incentivize purchases with custom financing programs, and provide convenient financing options.

5. Train customer-facing staff.

Compliance is a serious concern in the lending industry, so we require that you train all customer-facing teams on what Affirm is, and how the process works.


API access
Technical documentation
Acceptance testing
  • End-to-end checkout
  • Charge authorization & void
  • Charge capture & refund
  • Error handling for the above test cases

Daily Operations

Affirm Merchant Dashboard

Marketing & Compliance

Affirm compliance review is needed whenever Affirm financing is mentioned

Note: We take marketing compliance very seriously. You must get approval from Affirm prior to launching marketing such as:

  • Press releases, announcements, and launch emails
  • Direct marketing (newsletters, holiday sales, retargeting, abandonment)
  • Financing promotions involving Affirm (such as 0% financing)
  • Advertising campaigns (Banners, Print, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Any other custom marketing

In addition to having Affirm review marketing materials for compliance, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with and adhere to the guidelines within the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z. Any materials found non-compliant could result in the temporary disablement of our partnership.