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Merchant Help Center


Affirm Merchant Help Center

Getting Started

1. Watch a demo.

Click here to walk through a brief demonstration of how Affirm can be integrated onto an eCommerce site.

2. Integrate Affirm into checkout.

You can start by either selecting your platform from the dropdown above, or by checking out our example code.

3. Embed Affirm on-site marketing components.

You can drop a couple snippets of code on your product and cart pages to enable monthly payment messaging and informational modals.

4. Create a marketing plan.

Utilize your exisiting marketing channels and take the opportunity to inform visitors to your site about Affirm.

5. Train customer-facing staff.

Compliance is a serious concern in the lending industry, so we require that you train all customer-facing teams on what Affirm is, and how the process works.


Daily Operations

  • Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  • Dashboard allows you to process transactions, view, and schedule settlement detail
    • Transactional Processing
    • Capturing
    • Refund / Partial Refund
    • Depending on your integration, this is performed from your Order Management System or Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  • Important: You cannot issue store credit for Affirm transactions.  
  • Merchant Payment, Settlement and Reconciliation
  • Marketing Compliance: We take marketing compliance very seriously and custom marketing requires approval before it can go-live. Please see “Marketing & Compliance” section for more information.
  • Getting Help as a Merchant
  • Getting Help for your Customer
    • email
    • Phone support only offered to those with an active Affirm loan, they can login to their Affirm account and phone number will be on the top right

Marketing & Compliance