# Introduction

Merchants located in the United States can now take advantage of Affirm's integration with Verifone and offer customers an in-store pay-over-time solution. This seamless integration process can be completed in just a few simple steps.

## How Affirm Works

By seamlessly integrating Affirm with Verifone, customers gain the ability to customize their in-store shopping experience and opt for a convenient pay-over-time solution in just a few simple steps.

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You can also review our [integrated checkout flow video](🔗) for additional information.

## Integration Steps

The Verifone integration requires minimal effort and is set-up by your Account Manager. Review the integration options below for **existing Verifone merchants** and **new Verifone merchants**.

If you are an **existing Verifone merchant**, you will need to contact your Account Manager to enable Affirm.

If you are a **new Verifone merchant**, please contact Verifone using [this form](🔗).

## Support & Resources

For additional support, please contact your Account Manager.