Cardinal Commerce

Our seamless integration with Cardinal Commerce gives you access to all of Affirm's features, including flexible payment options, an order management system, reporting, and Affirm on-site messaging.


  • Flexible payments: Offer Affirm's flexible payment options on the checkout page
  • Order management: Seamlessly manage and process Affirm charges in your order management system.
  • On-site messaging: Add Affirm promotional messaging at every phase of the shopping journey—increasing conversion and average order value for your business

Integrating Affirm

To get started with your Affirm integration, Please reach out to Affirm for instructions on installing and configuring Affirm and adding Affirm promotional messaging on Cardinal Commerce.

Add the Confirmation Page function (Optional)

When a customer completes their purchase, you can send their order and product information to Affirm for A/B testing, which will help you optimize your site. Send this information by adding the Confirmation Page function to your payment confirmation page. We only require orderId, total, productId, and quantity for A/B testing.

Click here for all the Confirmation Page function parameters.{
    "paymentMethod": "Visa",
    "orderId": "T12345",
    "total": 3739
}, [{
    "productId": "SKU-1234",
    "quantity": 1
}, {
    "productId": "SKU-5678",
    "quantity": 1

Required function parameters

Order object

paymentMethodstringThe payment method chosen by the customer (e.g., Visa). Maximum 150 characters.
orderIdstringYour internal unique identifier representing the order. Maximum 500 characters.
totalintegerThe total amount of the transaction, including tax and shipping, stated in USD cents (e.g., $100 = 10000).

Product object

productIdstringYour internal unique identifier representing the product, such as the SKU or an internal database identifier. Maximum 500 characters.
quantityintegerThe quantity of the purchased product.