Learn about integrating Affirm into the X-Cart platform so you can provide Affirm as a payment option to your customers.


This page describes the steps to integrate Affirm into the X-Cart platform. After integrating Affirm, your site will:

  • Offer Affirm's flexible payment options on the checkout page
  • Seamlessly manage and process Affirm charges in your order management system.
  • Add Affirm promotional messaging at every phase of the shopping journey—increasing conversion and average order value for your business

Before you begin

Before you start, we recommend reviewing the following information:

Retrieve your keys by going to the Affirm Merchant Dashboard

1. Go to https://www.affirm.com/dashboard
2. Sign in with Google, or use your email and password.


Affirm Dashboard

The work email address that you use to sign-in to the Affirm Dashboard must be granted access by your Dashboard's administrator or your Affirm contact.

Need help accessing the Affirm Dashboard?

Getting started

You can find all the relevant documentation below. To simplify the integration process as much as possible, we used a logical documentation structure to guide you through the integration flow.


X-Cart Version Requirements

Your X-Cart store must be on version 5.4.1 or above to integrate with Affirm.

You can find the current version of your X-Cart Store by logging in following these steps: https://support.x-cart.com/en/articles/5019167-admin-area-home-page#h_f96185d794

For additional information on updating your X-Cart store, you can contact X-Cart support or visit the following URL: https://support.x-cart.com/en/articles/4479959-update-step-1-checking-for-updates

Download Affirm App

  1. Sign into your X-Cart dashboard
  2. Navigate to Apps > App Store
  3. Search for "Affirm" and click On
  4. On the left hand menu, click Apply Changes under Affirm
  5. Once build is complete, click on Go to Admin Area

Enable and Configure Affirm

  1. Navigate to Store Setup > Payment Methods

  2. Locate Affirm in the list of payment methods and click Configure

  3. Enter your API keys:

  4. Configure Other settings



Transaction Type

Can be set to Authorize & Capture or Authorize Only.

Authorize & Capture: will capture your Affirm charge and your order will have the status of Paid in X-Cart.
Authorize Only allows you to capture the funds manually. Your order will have the status of Authorized in X-Cart.

(If you select Authorize Only, once you manually capture the order in X-Cart, the charge will be captured automatically in Affirm. Click here to to learn more on how to manually capture transactions within X-Cart.)

Checkout Mode

Can be set to Modal Form or Redirect to Affirm

Modal Form triggers a pop-up during checkout
Redirect to Affirm takes the customer offsite to check out

If unsure, leave Modal Form selected

Test/Live Mode

Can be set to Sandbox or Live

Sandbox should be selected only if performing sandbox testing
Live should be selected when going live with Affirm.

Minimum Order Amount

Optional field

The minimum order amount (before taxes and discounts) that must be met before Affirm displays as an option at checkout. If blank, Affirm will be displayed for all orders over $50.

  1. Configure Affirm promo messaging settings



Show on Cart

Enable Affirm's promotional messaging on your cart page under the cart total (recommended)

Show on Checkout

Enable Affirm's promotional messaging on your checkout page under the Affirm payment option (recommended)

Show on Product pages

Enable Affirm's promotional messaging on your product pages under the product price (recommended)

Show in Product lists

Enable Affirm's promotional messaging on your product list (category) pages (recommended)

Enable Enhanced Analytics

If you enable Enhanced Analytics, Affirm's tracking pixels are enabled to track specific customer actions in your store across all payment methods. This helps you build a comprehensive picture of your eCommerce site to better understand your customers and fully optimize their shopping experience.

If you're unsure whether to enable or disable this feature, leave this feature disabled.

  1. Once all settings are configured, scroll to the top and click On underneath the Affirm Settings header. The button will turn green and Affirm will be enabled on checkout and promotional messaging will be enabled on the pages selected.



You can reach our support team at any time using the Developer Support widget at the bottom of the page.

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