Test and go-live

Test your integration before going live.


To confirm that Affirm checkout is working as expected, please follow the steps below. Most issues occur before a customer navigates to the Affirm checkout flow, so if you can see the screen outlined in the following steps, you are all set!


Please note, you will not have to confirm an entire order or take out an actual Affirm loan in this process.

Testing procedure

1. Create a cart on your store’s website for a total of $50 or greater.
2. Move forward with order flow and select Affirm as your payment method.
3. Confirm and place an order to initiate the Affirm application process.
4. Verify that you see the screen below. If so, you have successfully integrated Affirm into your checkout!

  1. Next, simply close out the Affirm modal and cancel the transaction. There's no need to complete the loan and purchase. If you do, please note that you are in a live environment and are responsible for repaying any loans furnished under your account.


If you see a red banner at the top with the message, “You are currently using the Affirm Developer Sandbox”, you will need to switch over to our production/live environment.