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Learn how to integrate Affirm into your Shopping Cart Elite e-commerce platform


This guide describes how to integrate Affirm into your Shopping Cart Elite platform so that you can provide Affirm as a payment option to your customers. After integrating Affirm, your Shopping Cart Elite site will:

  • Offer Affirm as payment option on the checkout page
  • Process Affirm charges in your order management system
  • Display Affirm promotional messaging

Before you begin 

Before beginning integration, you should review:

Sandbox development

You should have received an email inviting you to create an Affirm account. Click here for information about accessing your account.

Develop and test the Affirm integration in your development environment connected to our sandbox. To use our sandbox, retrieve your sandbox API keys at for use during integration.

After development and testing, you'll need to update your integration to use your live API keys, which you can find at

1. Contact Shopping Cart Elite

To use Affirm with Shopping Cart Elite, contact your Shopping Cart Elite account manager to have them enable it for you.

2. Configure Affirm as a payment method

Your Shopping Cart Elite account manager will assist with enabling Affirm as a payment method.

1. Sign into the Shopping Cart Elite admin.
2. Go to Settings > Payment > Affirm.
3. Check the Accept Affirm box.
4. Enter the API Key (Affirm public key) and Secret Key (Affirm private key) you retrieved from the sandbox merchant dashboard.
5. Enter the dollar amount values for Minimum Amount that displays Affirm as a payment option to your customers when checking out (optional).
6. Check the Test Environment box.

3. Add Affirm promotional messaging

Affirm promotional messaging components---monthly payment messaging and educational modals---show customers how they can use Affirm to finance their purchases. Properly placed promotional messaging helps drive increased AOV and conversion.

Adding Affirm promotional messaging is a required integration step, and you should complete it before testing your integration. Contact Shopping Cart Elite for assistance setting up your Affirm promotional messaging.

4. Review your order management functions

Processing orders (authorize, void, refund, and partial refund) in Shopping Cart Elite updates the order status in the Affirm dashboard. While you can process orders in the dashboard, we strongly recommend using Shopping Cart Elite  to keep order status synced with Affirm.  For more information on processing orders in Shopping Cart Elite, refer to their documentation.

5. Coordinate testing with Affirm

Before deploying the Affirm integration to your production site, Affirm will need to test it in your development or staging environment connected to our live environment. Contact your Integration Consultant or [email protected] to coordinate this test.

6. Set Live

After testing, your Shopping Cart Elite account manager will need to assist in setting your store to our live environment.

1. Retrieve your live API keys at
2. Sign in to your Shopping Cart Elite admin portal.
3. Go to Settings > Payment > Affirm.
4. Enter the API Key (Affirm public key) and Secret Key (Affirm private key) you retrieved from the live merchant dashboard.
5. Uncheck the Test Environment box.

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