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This guide describes how to integrate Affirm Connect into the Shopify platform so you can provide Affirm as a payment option to your customers. After integrating Affirm, your Shopify site will:

  • Offer Affirm as payment option on the checkout page
  • Process Affirm charges in your order management system
  • Display Affirm promotional messaging

Before you begin

Before beginning integration, you should review:



A known tax consideration is that Katapult leases are tax exempt for merchants, and currently a tax_amount is applied to the order for Affirm loans, which is not applicable for Katapult leases. Therefore, merchant should record taxes on Katapult leases as $0.00. Merchant can do this manually in their order records or can have their development team build a way to record the tax as $0.00 after a Katapult lease has been captured.

Retrieve your keys by going to the Affirm Merchant Live Dashboard

1. Go to
2. Sign in with Google, or use your email and password.


Signing into the Dashboard

The work email address that you use to sign-in to the Affirm Dashboard must be granted access by your Dashboard's administrator, or your Affirm contact.

Need help accessing the Affirm Dashboard?

New and existing integrations

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