Learn how to integrate Affirm into your Zoey e-commerce platform.


This guide describes how to integrate Affirm into the Zoey eCommerce platform so you can provide Affirm as a payment option to your customers. After integrating Affirm, your Zoey site will:

  • Offer Affirm as a payment option on the checkout page
  • Process Affirm charges in your order management system
  • Display Affirm promotional messaging

Before you begin 

Before beginning integration, you should review:

Sandbox development

You should have received an email inviting you to create an Affirm account. Click here for information about accessing your account.

Develop and test the Affirm integration in your development environment connected to our sandbox. To use our sandbox, retrieve your sandbox API keys at https://sandbox.affirm.com/dashboard/#/apikeys for use during integration.

After development and testing, you'll need to update your integration to use your live API keys, which you can find at https://affirm.com/dashboard/#/apikeys.

1. Install Affirm on Zoey

1. Go to https://www.zoey.com/apps/affirm and click Get App
2. Sign in with your Zoey credentials
3. Follow the instructions to complete installation

2. Configure Affirm as a payment method

After installing Affirm, enable Affirm as a payment method by updating these configurations:

1. Sign in to the Zoey admin page
2. Go to Set-up > Payment > Affirm > Set-up
3. Set Enabled to Yes
4. Keep Mode set to Sandbox (for development and testing)
5. Enter the Public API Key and Secret Key (private key) you retrieved from the Affirm sandbox merchant dashboard
6. If your checkout process automatically captures the charge, set Payment Action to Authorize and Capture
7. Enter the dollar amount values for Minimum Order Total and Maximum Order Total that displays Affirm as a payment option to your customers when checking out (optional).
8. If you want to change the order of displaying Affirm as a payment option during checkout, enter a Sort Order value greater than 0
9. If you want to disable Affirm when a backordered item is in the cart, set Disable for backordered items to Yes
10. If you want to display Affirm as text instead of a logo during checkout, set Plain Text Appearance to Yes
11. If you want to customize the default Affirm logo and subtext, you can add in-line HTML to Affirm Payment Method HTML (requires Plan Text Appearance set to No)
12. Set Enabled Checkout Button to Yes to display the Affirm button on the cart page (you can update the Affirm button URL in the Checkout Button Code)
13. Set Checkout Flow Type to Checkout using Modal for modal checkout instead of our redirect flow
14. Keep checkout uses xhr set to Auto Detect
15. Keep Create orders after Affirm confirmation set to Yes (No creates orders as soon as the user begins the Affirm checkout)

3. Add Affirm promotional messaging

Affirm promotional messaging components---monthly payment messaging and educational modals---show customers how they can use Affirm to finance their purchases. Properly placed promotional messaging helps drive increased AOV and conversion. Add Affirm promotional messaging to your product, category, and cart pages.

Add promotional banners

To add Affirm banner images to various pages on your site:

1. In the Zoey admin panel, go to System > Configuration > Affirm Promos
2. Set Enabled to Yes
3. For each page where you want a banner displayed, set Display to Yes and Promo Size and Promo Position to the values of your choice

Add promotional messaging

1. In the Zoey admin panel, go to Set-up > Payment > Affirm Promos > Set-up
2. In the As Low As Functionality settings, set the following to Yes to display messaging on those pages:

  • Enable for Product PDP (product pages)
  • Enable For Category PLP (category pages)
  • Enable for Shopping Cart (cart page)

3. Enter an MPP min amount value to set the minimum threshold dollar amount that will display monthly payment messaging (e.g., setting the MPP min amount to 100 will only display monthly payment messaging for purchases above $100)
4. You can optionally enter a Promo ID value in Data Promo ID (contact the Affirm Client Success team for more information about Promo ID's)

Use Multiple Financing Programs

Multiple Financing Programs (MFPs) allow you to offer custom financing programs to your customers based on rules you define. To learn more about MFPs and how to set them up in Zoey, contact your engagement manager.

4. Review your order management functions

Processing orders (authorize, void, refund, and partial refund) in Zoey updates the order status in the Affirm dashboard. While you can process orders in the dashboard, we strongly recommend using Zoey to keep order status synced with Affirm. For more information on processing orders in Zoey, refer to their documentation.

5. Coordinate testing with Affirm

Before deploying the Affirm integration to your production site, Affirm will need to test it in your development or staging environment connected to our live environment. Contact your Integration Consultant or [email protected] to coordinate this test.

6. Deploy to production

Coordinate testing with Affirm

Before deploying the Affirm integration to your production site, Affirm will need to test it in your development or staging environment connected to our live environment. Contact your Integration Consultant or [email protected] to coordinate this test.

Connect to the live Affirm environment

1. Retrieve your live API keys at https://affirm.com/dashboard/#/apikeys
2. In the Zoey admin panel, go to Set-up > Payment > Affirm > Set-up
3. Set Mode to Production
4. Enter the Public API Key and Secret Key you just retrieved from the live merchant dashboard

Launch to production

After you've connected to our live environment and we've tested your integration, you're ready to deploy to your production environment and offer Affirm as a payment option to your customers.

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