Installing Affirm

Installing Affirm on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) requires the following steps:

  • Import the Affirm cartridge.
  • Import the required XML files.
  • Enable Affirm as a payment processor.

Step 1: Import the Affirm cartridge

1. Download the cartridge.
2. In the Salesforce UX Studio menu, click File > Import.
3. Click to expand General and click Existing Projects into Workspace.
4. Click Next.

5. Click Browse and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the Affirm cartridge.


6. After the window loads the project, click Select All.
7. Click Finish.
8. Right-click the project and click Properties.
9. Click Project References and check all the Affirm references.
10. Click OK.
11. After Salesforce UX Studio builds the workspace, sign in to Business Manager and go to Site > Manage Sites.
12. Select your site and click Settings.
13. At the end of the cartridge path field, add the following options based on the Commerce Cloud Type:

  • Pipelines: int_affirm_controllers:int_affirm
  • JavaScript controllers: int_affirm_controllers:int_affirm
  • SFRA: int_affirm_sfra:int_affirm

Step 2: Import the XML files from the Metadata directory of the downloaded cartridge

1. In the Business Manager go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export.
2. In the Import section, click Choose File and select from the metadata folder.

3. Click Upload.
4. Once the upload is complete, select from the archive list and click Import.



You should configure your library ID in the library.xml file in metadata folder. Currently there is the default 'RefArchSharedLibrary'.

  • For Pipelines and Controllers put 'SiteGenesisSharedLibrary'.
  • For SFRA put 'RefArchSharedLibrary'.

5. Verify that the Site Preferences group was created with ID - AFFIRM_PAYMENT and name – Affirm.
6. Verify that the Payment Method was created with ID - Affirm and name – Affirm. Enable the Affirm payment method.
7. You can add image or text for your payment method by updating content asset “affirm-payment-method”.

Step 3: Enable the Affirm payment processor

1. In the Business Manager go to Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Processors.
2. Click NEW.
3. Verify that the Site Preferences group was created with ID - AFFIRM_PAYMENT and name -- Affirm.
4. Verify Site Preferences Group exists with: 

  • Name: Affirm

5. Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Methods to verify payment method exists with:

  • ID: Affirm
  • Name: Affirm

6. Click Enable
7. Optionally, you can add an image or text for the payment method by updating the asset affirm-payment-method.

Custom Code

You will also need to update your site's template files to support promotional messaging and checkout functions. You can find instructions to make these custom changes below:

Additionally, click Credit/Debit Cards to verify that Visa is enabled.