Manage cards

We provide resources to push events on the virtual card.

We understand that handling and managing credit cards can become complex and unique depending on your business flows. Affirm has created tools to hit the payment rails in order to trigger specific actions to be taken on those virtual cards to ease your processes.

Technically speaking, a virtual card acts the same way as any regular credit card when processed via your payment gateway. In the end, you are responsible, as the merchant of record, to ensure all charges have been applied on the cards.

Manage virtual cards

Here are some of the features available to trigger specific actions to be taken on the virtual card:

  • Cancel a card: Cancels the Affirm loan and refunds the customer (if applicable). This can be particularly useful if you have frequent price changes or order failure.
  • Read card details: Ensure PCI compliance and secure communications between your customer and your server by retrieving card details on the server-side.
  • Finalize a card: Releases any refunds (and/or partial refunds) on the card along with any uncaptured funds to the customer. Only leveraged when no further captures will take place.