Configure Affirm for Drupal

This guide walks you through configuring Affirm at checkout in Drupal.

Configure Affirm

Step 1: Download the Drupal module

Drupal 7: Download the commerce_affirm version 7.x-1.1 module.

Drupal 8: Download the commerce_affirm version 8.x-1.0 module.

Step 2: Configure Affirm



This module doesn't require any specific permissions. Use the Payments permissions for configurations.

1. Enable the default Affirm Payment method or create a new one of this type.
2. Edit the Enable payment method: Affirm Payment action (settings).
3. Set the Mode to Modal or Redirect.

  • Modal: Sets checkout in an educational popup window.
  • Redirect: Redirects the customer to Affirm

4. Set the Transaction mode to Live transactions in a live account or Test transactions in a sandbox account. Note that there are different API keys for test and live modes.
5. Enter your Public Key and Private Key for Affirm.
6. Enter the Financial Product Key.
7. Set the Default credit card transaction type to Authorization and capture or Authorization only.