## Configure Affirm

## Step 1: Download the Drupal module

**Drupal 7:** Download the [commerce_affirm version 7.x-1.1 module](🔗).

**Drupal 8:** Download the [commerce_affirm version 8.x-1.0 module](🔗).

## Step 2: Configure Affirm


This module doesn't require any specific permissions. Use the Payments permissions for configurations.

1\. Enable the default **Affirm Payment** method or create a new one of this type. 2\. Edit the **Enable payment method: Affirm Payment** action (settings). 3\. Set the **Mode** to **Modal** or **Redirect**.

  • **Modal:** Sets checkout in an educational popup window.

  • **Redirect:** Redirects the customer to Affirm

4\. Set the **Transaction mode** to **Live transactions in a live account** or **Test transactions in a sandbox account**. Note that there are different API keys for test and live modes. 5\. Enter your **Public Key** and **Private Key** for Affirm. 6\. Enter the **Financial Product Key**. 7\. Set the **Default credit card transaction type** to ** Authorization and capture** or **Authorization only**.