AttributeData typeDescription
shipping_type stringCustomer contact information.
entity_name string Internal sub-brand name.
platform_type string Name of the platform the merchant is on (e.g Shopify, etc.).
platform_versionstringVersion of the platform the merchant is on.
platform_affirmstringVersion of the Affirm module or extension being used to integrate with the platform.
webhook_session_id stringCustomer or session specific ID that's used to reconcile incoming webhooks. Optional unless Affirm webhooks are used.
mode stringSet to modal to enable the modal checkout flow (default uses redirect checkout flow). Possible values:
- modal
- redirect
For more details.
customerobjectA customer object containing additional information.
itinerary arrayAn array of itinerary item. Each itinerary contained within this array will define a portion of a trip. For instance, in a roundtrip booking, each flight should be defined in its own.
checkout_channel_typestringThis is a checkout channel type.
BOPISbooleanIndicates whether or not the checkout includes a BOPIS order.
  "shipping_type":"UPS ground",