## Features

  • **Flexible payments:** Offer Affirm's flexible payment options on the checkout page,

  • **Order management:** Seamlessly manage and process Affirm charges in your order management system.

  • **On-site messaging:** Add Affirm promotional messaging at every phase of the shopping journey—increasing conversion and average order value for your business.

## Integrating Affirm

Integrate Affirm into Magento 2 in two easy steps.

### Step 1: Install the Magento 2 Extension

Install the Affirm Magento 2 extension using [Composer](🔗) or [command line](🔗).

### Step 2: Configure the Affirm extension settings

[Configure your settings](🔗) in the Magento 2 Admin Portal.

Telesales integration

Interested in the Affirm Telesales add-on for Magento 2? Head over to our [Telesales integration](🔗) docs to learn more.