## How it works

The [Cancel Card](🔗) API allows merchants to immediately void and/or cancel the Affirm virtual card (and loan) by using the `checkout_id`. Please use this tool carefully. We normally see the usage of this API request for a business model where:

  • A large quantity of price changes occur (flights, goods, auctioning, etc.)

  • If you have many order failures

If you are unsure if the specifications listed above apply to your business, please contact us via the support widget.

## Timelines

Review the references below to understand the timelines of Affirm's authorization and capture processes.

### On authorization

### On capture

Successful response

Once a confirmation response is received, the customer's loan will be voided or fully refunded. This cancel action will also remove the loan from the customer's Affirm user portal.

  • If the card is expired, canceled, or auth_expired, nothing happens as the card is already canceled.

  • If the card is in a confirmed state, Affirm expires the card, and cancels the charge.

  • If the card is in an authorized state, Affirm will auth-expire the card and void the charge.

  • If the card is in a captured state, Affirm will auth-expire the card and fully refund the charge.

Bad request

  • The merchant is not a Platforms vcn merchant.

  • There is no checkout token associated with that `checkout_token`.

  • There is no card associated with the `checkout_token`.

  • The current agent does not have update permission on the charge (wrong merchant).

  • The charge is being disputed.

  • The card state is not being handled (should never happen unless we add a new `CardState`).

**These bad requests are only reproducible in a production environment, as real card details are not generated in sandbox.**