## Overview

Merchants using Shopify Plus can set a price floor that displays Affirm as a payment option when the customer's cart exceeds a minimum dollar amount.

## Configuration

  1. Go to the [Shopify script editor](🔗).

  2. Click **Create Script**.

  3. Choose **Payment Gateway** for the script type.

  4. Choose **Blank Template**.

  5. Click **Create Script**.

  6. In the **Title box**, enter **Affirm price** floor as the script name.

  7. Click** Code** to open the Ruby source code console.

  8. Paste the following code into the console (250 sets the floor to $250. You can change it to your desired price floor).

9\. Click **Run Script**. 10\. Click **Save and Publish**.

The price floor takes effect immediately. Test it by attempting a checkout for an item less than the price floor amount.