Promotional Messaging Customization with Affirm

In the bustling business world of today, the quest to offer your customers something that feels unique and personally tailored to them is really heating up. That's where Affirm steps in. With our top-notch customization features, we're here to help give your customers an experience that feels like it's been tailor-made just for them.

Now, I bet you're wondering how we make this magic happen, right? Well, we've got a secret weapon—Affirm's advanced integration capabilities. With these in your arsenal, you can add personalized promotional messages and even put your own brand stamp on things.

Let's chat a bit about this promotional messaging feature—it's a real game changer. Think of it like your very own communication megaphone, allowing you to broadcast special deals, discounts or unique financing options right on your product pages or even during checkout. There's a handy little HTML tag called data-page-type that takes care of how these messages look and feel. It comes with 9 different display options:

  • homepage - for your site's welcoming page 🏠
  • landing - on the page where you talk all about Affirm 📄
  • search - nestled within your site's search results page 🔍
  • category - where you group similar items together 📚
  • product - the spotlight for each item description 💡
  • cart - on the page where customers review their selections 🛒
  • payment - on the page where customers choose their payment method 💳
  • banner - for any promotional messaging in your banners or images, no matter where they're located 📃
  • marketplace - on the page where customers first enter the marketplace. 👜

(You can read more about other HTML elements here)

And, here's the cherry on top: you can customize the entire financing experience to blend in perfectly with your brand. 🍒 You get to choose everything, from colors and fonts to where you place Affirm's messaging. Your site will feel more "you" than ever before, creating an incredibly coherent and brand-synergistic experience for your customers. If you're itching to learn more, dive into the nitty-gritty details on our Customize your promotional messaging page. Or, for an even deeper understanding, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or your Customer Success Manager (CSM). They'll gladly walk you through all our customization options. Happy customizing!