Customize Your Promotional Messaging

Use specific HTML attributes to customize your promotional messaging.


Affirm will manage the custom promos for pages such as Homepage, Product Display Page, Payment, and more. Below are several concise options to choose from regarding the wording of these promos.

In addition to choosing the content, you can make slight modifications to the frontend such as color. See Promo Customization for more details. Please contact support to confirm how you would like your promos to appear.


Prohibited customizations on Affirm hosted promos

For Affirm hosted promos, changing or hard coding parts of the Affirm promotional messaging language is prohibited and any additional customizations outside of what is listed below must be made by Affirm.


The examples below showcase a few promotional messaging options that are offered by Affirm. For the full range of promotional messaging options, please contact support or your CSM.

As low as {payment}/mo with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.

Starting at {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.

{apr_range}% APR financing for {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.

As low as

As low as {payment}/mo with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
As low as {payment}/month or {lowest_apr}% APR with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
As low as {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
For as low as {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
Financing as low as {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.

Starting at

Starting at {payment}/month or {lowest_apr}% APR with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
Starting at {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.


{apr_range}% APR financing for {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
{apr_range}% APR starting at {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.
Affirm monthly payments; rates from {apr_range}% APR. Learn more.


Monthly payments with [affirm_logo]. Learn more.

Promo Customization

Replace the Affirm logo with plain text (data-affirm-type = "text")
Change the Affirm logo color to black (data-affirm-color = "black")

Enhance educational modals

When a “Call to Action” such as “Learn More” is clicked, it will open an educational modal. You can enhance your modals by adding a hero image and your company logo, both hosted by Affirm. On the frontend, you can also specify the dimensions of both.

  • Hero image @2x: 960px width x 1462px height
  • Hero image @1x: 480px width x 731px height
  • Logo image @2x: 400px width x 112px height
  • Logo image @1x: 200px width x 56px height

Call to action

At the end of the promo, there is a “Call To Action”. All of the previous examples use “Learn More”. Two additional default options include:

  • {apr_range}% APR financing for {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. How’s it work?
  • {apr_range}% APR financing for {payment}/month with [affirm_logo]. Prequalify Now
    • For this CTA you will need to ensure you are configured for Prequalification. This allows users to discover their buying power up front before making purchase decisions. For more information, you can read about Affirm Prequalification.

You can also request that there is no "Call To Action" at the end of your promo:

  • {apr_range}% APR financing for {payment}/month with [affirm_logo].