🗞 May Announcement

The team has been hard at work this month- updating existing guides, adding new ones, and launching our user web survey in the Affirm docs! 🎉

✨ What’s new

💁 Web survey

You may have encountered our new web survey when perusing the docs (it is represented by the blue "thumbs up" icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen). This is one of the major initiatives set forth by our team in hopes of obtaining feedback on the docs from our users and improving everyone's experience when integrating Affirm.

📚 New guides

  • Telesales API SDK: This new documentation provides greater insight into our Telesales integration and the overall user flow for Telesales representatives interacting with prospective Affirm customers.
  • Promos API Integration: The Promos API Integration guide outlines the different methods for implementing dynamic pricing and education modals on your site.

🆙 Updates


The following guides have undergone updates to include more comprehensive instructions, additional visual references, and other miscellaneous revisions.


In our Platforms space, Magento 2 has released a new extension for Affirm, check it out here.


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