Affirm Direct Multiple Financing Programs


Multiple Financing Programs (MFPs) enable you to selectively offer a specific custom financing program to consumers based on product or cart attributes that are defined in your e-commerce or marketing platform. This guide walks you through different ways to apply custom financing programs. 

Logic for selecting a financing program

The logic for which financing program gets applied to a customer's cart is entirely determined by the merchant. The following examples are meant to illustrate one possible implementation of these rules. Assumptions are made regarding the priority and application of rules that merchants do not have to adhere to.

Generally speaking, the logic for selecting a financing program should be setup to always offer the customer the best financing possible:

Lower interest > Longer terms > Increased approvals

Additionally, if terms are similarly advantageous, the basis for custom financing programs should be prioritized by specificity:

Product/SKU > Brand/manufacturer > Product category > Cart size > Time/date

Example 1

Active rules:

  • Financing program A: All Sony TVs qualify for 0% interest
  • Financing program B: President's Day sale with 18-month loan terms

Purchase 1:

  • Sony LED TV
  • Denon AV Receiever

Financing program B is selected since the Denon Receiever disqualifies them for the Sony-specific financing program (program A)

Purchase 2:

  • Sony LED TV

Financing program A is selected since the only item purchased is a qualifying product, and Financing program A (0% interest) may be seen as preferrable to Financing program B (18-month term).

Example 2

Active rules:

  • Financing program A: All Sony TVs qualify for 0% interest
  • Financing program B: All Vizio TVs qualify for 18-month terms

Purchase 1:

  • Sony LED TV
  • Vizio LED TV

No financing program is selected since the cart doesn't exclusively have either brand

Example 3

Active rules:

  • Financing program A: Purchases over $2000 qualify for 18-month terms
  • Financing program B: Sony TVs qualify for 0% interest
  • Financing program C: President's Day increased approvals (regular terms)

Purchase 1:

  • Sony LED TV
  • Denon AV Receiver
  • Total of $2300

Financing program A is selected since the Denon Receiver disqualifies it for the Brand-specific 0% interest, and program A's 18-month term is preferred to program C's regular terms.


Define the financing program

To start using your custom financing programs on your site, you will populate the checkout object with the name of the financing program that you'd like to use. The financing program is defined within the checkout object that's used to initiate the Affirm checkout. You can define this variable using Javascript, and select the appropriate financing program based on any of the approved triggers listed above.

financing_program optional stringA unique financing program name that is provided to you by Affirm. If you have a custom financing program available, you can enter the name of it in this field. If the program is not available or the name is not valid, your default financing program will be used.


Custom promotional messaging must be utilized in conjunction with multiple financing programs, in order to present accurate loan terms to customers.

  • If a custom financing program is available, the customer should see those custom terms/rates reflected in all of your Affirm on-site marketing.
  • The promotional messaging components that Affirm provides can all be customized.
  • In addition to the financing_program name that you'll use at checkout, Affirm will provide a promo_id that's used to customize your promotional messaging
  • Financing_program and promo_id should be mapped to one another, so that customers only see custom promotional messaging if the custom financing program is also available (and vice-versa).