🗞 April Announcement

After a lengthy hiatus, the Affirm Changelog is back in action! As a quick reintroduction, here are some milestone events that have occurred since our last post:

  • is now separated into individual spaces (Developers, Payments, Platforms, and Global Integration).
    • The intention of this separation was to provide a more streamlined navigation experience for our users and house specific information in each space:
      • Developers- All things related to the Affirm quickstart overview, including Affirm’s API references.
      • Payments- Overview of Affirm’s possible integration options and accompanying documentation that includes: Direct API, Mobile SDKs, Telesales, In-store, and Affirm Lite.
      • Platforms- This space houses all of Affirm’s platform integration guides. We currently provide over 30 integration guides for various platforms;, check out our full list here for more information.
      • Global Integration- For those interested in creating a Global integration (Affirm is currently supported in the United States and Canada, with more countries to come🎉), review the documentation here.
  • The Documentation Hackathon (Docathon) initiative was led by Affirm’s Tech Writing team in February to review our developer documentation. With the help of over 30 stakeholders, nearly 70% of our documentation was reviewed! Given the success of our Docathon, we will be making some more exciting documentation announcements later this year to improve your experience on, so stay tuned😀
  • New ReadMe feature alert🚨Last month, ReadMe released the highly anticipated Dark mode🌙 viewing option! This awesome feature is located on the top right-hand corner of the docs and is represented by these two icons:

  • Light mode (how you’ve always viewed the docs- up until now)

  • Dark mode (give your eyes a break whenever they need it)
  • You can easily toggle between these two modes (just click the sun icon to switch to dark mode or click the moon icon to revert to light mode) and personalize your Affirm doc viewing experience.

Be on the lookout for future announcements and other related content here on the Changelog!


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