Learn how to refund a charge.


Returns are subject to the merchant's return policy. Customers must contact the merchant to return their purchase(s). Affirm will only issue a refund if the merchant receives the customer’s returned items and processes the refund within 120 days from the date of purchase. Affirm will credit any loan payments the customer has made, up to the refund amount, to the original form of payment within 3 to 10 business days of the refund. The refund does not include interest paid on the loan.

Issuing refunds

You can issue refunds using either the API or the Merchant Dashboard. Once you issue a refund it cannot be canceled.

Using the API

To refund a charge using the API, use the Refund Transaction and provide the charge_id for the refund.

curl \
     -X POST
     -u "(public_api_key):(private_api_key)"
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"

To issue a partial refund, add the amount parameter, as an integer in cents:

curl \
     -X POST
     -u "(public_api_key):(private_api_key)"
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"
     -d '{"amount": 50000}'

Using the Merchant Portal

To refund the customer using the Merchant Portal:

1. Sign in to the Affirm portal
2. On the left bar of the main page, click Charges.
3. Click on the charge row (the charge must be currently captured) or search for a charge based on the customer's name, email address, or 8-digit loan confirmation number associated with the customer's loan.
4. Either leave the Refund Amount blank or enter the full amount of the refund (enter an amount less than the total amount for a partial refund).
6. Click REFUND CHARGE again to confirm.

If you issue a partial refund, Affirm will first credit the final monthly bill of a customer's loan. If the refund amount is higher than the final monthly bill amount, Affirm will apply the remainder of the refund to the preceding month, and so on. All other payment amounts will not change from the original terms.

If you issue a full refund after a customer has submitted any payments, Affirm will only refund the paid principal. Affirm does not refund already paid interest because the customer still owes the interest that accrued during the time the money was borrowed.

Merchants that wish to honor the refund for the customer will need to settle with the customer directly.