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Learn how to integrate Affirm Connect to offer multiple pay-over-time options.


Affirm Connect enables you to integrate additional pay-over-time providers to shoppers on your website. We've partnered with Katapult and Snap, lease-to-own payment options, that connect customers who aren't approved by Affirm with a secondary way to pay. Connect helps to lower the cost of acquisition while maximizing conversion by driving more customer approvals via a seamless UX and centralized integration via Affirm.

How it works


One integration, one application, maximized conversion.

To build out an integration that gives customers additional pay-over-time options, see how the Connect flow works.

1. Customer completes the Affirm loan application

We collect a few pieces of information from the customer to get them a real-time decision. This step doesn't change from our standard Direct API integration.

2. Customer decision

The customer gets a real-time decision with a message confirming they were approved with Katapult lease-to-own alternative. Here they can begin the Katapult checkout flow.

3. Checkout with LTO partner

  • Displays their Educational modal
  • Customer provides details of their income payment schedule
  • Provides clearly defined payment details based on the customer's income

4. Set up automatic payments

Customer completes the following:

  • Card details for future payments and the amount due at checkout
  • Required disclosures and agreements
  • Confirms payment

Katapult flow


Snap flow


Follow the steps below to get started with Affirm Connect.

1. Have an existing Affirm account or create one.
2. Choose your integration type.
3. Work with the Affirm technical team to upgrade to our latest Connect API and test for your integration.

Connect is available for the following integration types:

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Questions? Checkout our Connect FAQs to get more information about how the Connect integration works.

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