Checkout Status Definitions

UnsentCheckout was created but has not been sent to the customer.
Sent Checkout was sent, but has not been opened by the customer.
The checkout link expires after 7 days. If the customer has not opened their loan within 7 days, it will be updated to ‘Expired’ status.
OpenedAffirm checkout link was opened by the customer but the application was not started.
Closed The Affirm application was closed.
This may occur when the customer did not complete the application, the customer did not confirm the loan terms, or the application was not approved by Affirm.
ExpiredThe checkout link was not authorized within 7 days.
Authorized Affirm has authorized the charge, but it has not been captured by the merchant.
If the order is not captured within 30 days of authorization, the authorization expires.
Voided The order has been canceled and the charge has been voided.
An expired authorization also shows as voided.
Captured The order has been processed and shipped, and the charge has been captured.
Payment is submitted to the merchant 2–3 business days after the charge is captured.
* The customer's loan begins accruing interest daily when the charge is captured.
Refunded The merchant has issued a full refund on the charge.
It's not possible to reverse a refund or add to the balance of a charge.
Partially Refunded The merchant has issued a partial refund on the charge.
The partial amount will be deducted from the final month(s) of the loan.

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Checkout Status Definitions

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