Review this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to switch from the legacy Transactions API to the global Transactions API to support global integration.


In order to support Affirm's global integration, a few updates are necessary for a successful migration. To utilize the same functionality as the v1/transactions endpoint and include global integration support, the following changes are required:

  • Change the Sandbox and Production URLs
  • Add the country-code request header where required

Change Sandbox and Production URLs

The Sandbox and Production URLs must reflect the following changes in order to support the global integration:

Add country-code to request header

The addition of the country-code request header allows Affirm to identify its usage in a particular country. Currently, Affirm supports the United States (USA) and Canada (CAN).

KeyValueData type
country-codeRequired param to identify the country in which Affirm is used and uses an "alpha-3" three-letter country code. Supported countries are the United States (USA) and Canada (CAN).String required

The country-code parameter is required for the following API calls (if used by your integration):