Render the hosted-checkout

Render Affirm's hosted-checkout on your web, iOS, or Android application.

How it works

This diagram shows how your client, your server, and Affirm interact:


Affirm checkout flow


This schema is relevant for any client-side integration via web or mobile.

1. Online checkout

  • The customer and merchant submit the order information
  • The client communicates that information to Affirm
  • Affirm renders the checkout experience and on loan confirmation by the customer and returns a checkout_token.

2. Create an order

Your front-end sends the checkout_token to your server (via POST, GET or a Webhook).

3. Manage order

Your server code receives the checkout_token and then uses it to initiate a charge.


Affirm's checkout

Affirm will host the full checkout experience based on the request details. For web, use Affirm.js. For mobile, use iOS and/or Android SDKs.

Click here to view the full end-to-end Affirm transaction flow.

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