Learn how to use Datacrushers to integrate Affirm messaging in your email marketing messages.


Affirm has partnered with Datacrushers so that you can quickly add Affirm monthly payment pricing to emails sent to your customers.

Use Datacrushers

1. Email Datacrushers support and ask them to enable Affirm for your account
2. Sign in to your Datacrushers admin page
3. Go to Configure > Configure Emails
4. Add the {{affirm_ala}} variable to your email template to display the monthly payment price
5. Append the following as query parameters to all the outgoing Affirm messaging links (e.g., a link that sends the customer to your cart page):

  • aff_cid="unique_value" - "unique value" is an existing or newly created tracking ID, which may provide additional information about the email service provider and/or the merchant (required)
  • aff_fm="t" - this opens an Affirm educational modal when a customer lands on the page where Affirm promotional messaging is available (optional)




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