🗞 June Announcement

👋 Hey developers!

We're excited to announce the latest additions to the Transactions API. This release introduces several additions to the 200 response of our Read Transactions API endpoint. Let's explore these new additions!

🎯 New API Additions 🎯

The new additions to our Read Transactions API endpoint are:

  • Checkout: An object field which is nullable.

  • Refund Expires: A string field that represents the time after which the transaction can no longer be refunded. This field is nullable.

  • Remaining Capturable Amount: An integer field for split capture enabled merchants. It shows the amount remaining (in cents) that is capturable. This field is nullable, with an example value of 80.

  • Loan Information: An object field that represents the Fees information associated with the loan. This field is nullable.

  • User ID: A string field representing the User ID on the checkout.

  • Platform: A string field representing the platform of the charge. This field is nullable, with an example value of 'VCN'.

  • LoanInformation: An object field containing two properties:

    • loan_type
    • fees
  • Fee: An object field with three properties

    • type
    • unit_type
    • rate


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