Before proceeding with the change in settings, please ensure your account is enabled for Partial Capture by reaching out to [[email protected]](🔗).

## Overview

With Partial Capture, you can collect or "capture" funds at checkout for individual items as they are shipped. This makes it easy to fulfill multi-item orders throughout the duration of the loan.

## How Partial Capture works

## Enable Partial Capture

1\. [Download and Install the latest version of Affirm extension](🔗) from the WooCommerce Extension Store. 2\. Once you have installed and enabled Affirm, go to **WooCommerce settings > Payments tab**, and click the **Manage** button to edit your Affirm settings. . 3\. Check **Enable Partial Capture**.

After saving the changes, Affirm orders will be eligible for requesting multiple captures as long as it does not exceed the authorized amount within a specified authorization window.

## Perform a Partial Capture

1\. In the **Order Details** page, click on the **Capture** button along with other order action buttons.

2\. Enter the **Capture amount** and click on the **Capture ${capture_amount} via Affirm** button. 3\. Check **Capture remaining** to capture all (if any) remaining authorization funds.

## Order status

The order status will display "**Processing**" until all authorized funds have been captured unless otherwise updated.

## Refunds

Refunds work the same way as fully charged loans. You can refund any amount up to the captured amount if the loan is partially captured.