Affirm promotional messaging components---monthly payment messaging and educational modals---show customers how they can use Affirm to finance their purchases. Our promotional messaging allows you to:

  • Dynamically display monthly payment pricing information.  

  • Offer Prequalification.  

  • Customize messaging and design with co-branded assets.

This guide will review Affirm promotional messaging and tell you how to add it to your site.

## Step 1: Determine messaging placement

If you are integrating Affirm for the first time, you will need to go through a design process to determine where you want to include Affirm promotional messaging on your site and what the messaging should look like and say.

Please reach out to your Client Success Manager if you need help designing your messaging placement. Also, remember that Affirm must approve your messaging to ensure that it complies with regulatory guidelines. After your team finalizes the design, you can add the messaging to your site quickly.

The conversion funnel describes the customer journey all the way from discovery to purchase, and Affirm can be implemented throughout that funnel to improve conversion.

  1. [Placement](🔗): Affirm should be displayed in-context wherever a price is displayed, as well as globally across the site to advertise your partnership with Affirm.

  2. [Email marketing](🔗): You can mitigate customers' price sensitivity by describing things in terms of monthly prices. Promoting the availability of Affirm, especially with 0% financing, can drive increased site traffic.

## Step 2: Add Affirm.js

Add the `Affirm.js` embed code to the head of your global page template if you have not already done so.

## Step 3: Create promotional messaging components

Add an HTML element everywhere you want to display an Affirm promotional messaging component. The element attributes determine which component displays. We generally recommend adding promotional messaging to your category, product, cart, and payment pages. See our [HTML Reference](🔗) for more information when creating marketing elements.

## Step 4: Add code to handle price changes

The price displayed on your product or cart pages may change due to product variants, quantity changes, etc. If your Affirm promotional messaging displays before the price update, the messaging will be inaccurate. To keep messaging updated, implement this refresh function into your price change callback function:

**Page reload**

If the product’s price or the Affirm promotional messaging display after the page loads, or if you included the above refresh function statically on the page, wrap it in the `affirm.ui.ready()` callback function. Doing so ensures that the page does not call the refresh function before `Affirm.js` initializes.

**Price update**

When the price updates on your page, call the refresh function in the same callback function that handles your price change event. Add element IDs to promotional messaging components for easy access and modification of their attributes. Note that we use example ID names below.

**Detect modal close**

When an education modal is closed (non-prequal), you can detect that event by using the following code:

## Step 5: Test and go live

If you are implementing promotional messaging as part of your initial integration, then do not connect to our live environment until you have tested your entire integration.

Confirm that all of your Affirm promotional messaging components display as expected.

After testing everything, update the script parameter in the `Affirm.js` embed code to point to our live environment at <> and replace the `public_api_key` parameter with your live public API key found at <>.

After you have connected to our live environment, you are ready to deploy to your production environment.

## Examples

See the following examples for how to add promotional messaging components to your site.

### Add monthly payment messaging and a product modal to your product page:

Be sure to use your page's price variable or price amount in USD cents (e.g., $100 = 10000) for `data-amount`.

### Add monthly payment messaging and a product modal to your cart page:

Be sure to use your page's price variable or price amount in USD cents (e.g., $100 = 10000) for `data-amount`.

### Add a site modal to a text link on your home page:

**To add a site modal to a [banner](🔗) link:**

In each HTML element, be sure to include the `data-page-type` attribute corresponding to the page where that promotional messaging component is placed. The `data-page-type` attribute allows you to customize messaging in the future without development work. By default, promotional messaging on product pages have prequalification enabled, but you can work with your Client Success Manager to change this and [configure additional customizations](🔗). See the links below for additional sample code.

### Monthly payment massaging with prequalification (single price):

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### Monthly payment messaging with prequalification (single price displayed in multiple locations):

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### Monthly payment messaging (multiple products and multiple prices):

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### Site modal:

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