## Overview

Are you ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Affirm has teamed up with Adyen, a world-renowned payment processor, to provide you with comprehensive payment solutions that cater to your customers' every need. Adyen's versatile platform supports a wide range of integrations, from hosted checkout pages to custom backend setups, making it the perfect payment partner for online merchants and physical stores alike.

By integrating Affirm's flexible pay-over-time options with Adyen's robust processing capabilities, your business can now enjoy seamless payment processing, enhanced payment options, and increased conversions. This partnership merges the best of both worlds, ensuring that your business remains agile, customer-focused, and ahead of the game in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Learn more about Adyen

You can learn more about Adyen and Affirm's partnership on [their website](🔗).

## How Affirm Works

Integrate Affirm with our affirm.js SDK and the Adyen plugin takes care of the rest.

Here is the basic overview of the Adyen integration flow

  1. **Implement Affirm Javascript SDK**: Affirm's promotional features are made available using affirm.JS.

  2. **Checkout**: During the checkout process, the Adyen platform facilitates the transaction. Customers select their desired products and begin the checkout process

  3. **Confirmation**: After the checkout, Adyen confirms the transaction.

  4. **Authorize**: At this stage, Adyen's API is utilized to authorize the transaction.

  5. **Capture**: Post-authorization, transaction amount is captured utilizing Adyen's APIs.

## Customer Flow

Customers can choose to use Affirm for their payments when shopping on a merchant site. Here is a walkthrough of the customer flow:

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## Docs

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