Supported Versions

In-line checkout is only available on version 20.1.0 and above.

## Configuration

After installation, enable Affirm as a payment method by updating these configurations:

  1. In the **Business Manager** go to **Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences > AFFIRM_PAYMENT**.

  2. Set **Affirm Online Status** to **Yes**.

  3. Enter the** Affirm Public Key** and **Affirm Private Key** (Affirm Financial Product Key is deprecated) you retrieved from the Affirm sandbox merchant dashboard.

  4. Set **Affirm Mode** to **Sandbox** for testing.

  5. Set **Affirm Payment Country Code** to the country for which your account is enabled.

  6. If your checkout process automatically captures the charge, set **Affirm Payment Action** to **Authorize and Capture**.

  7. Enter the dollar amount values for **Payment Min Total** and **Payment Max Total** that displays Affirm as a payment option to your customers when checking out.

  8. Set **Checkout Flow** to **Redirect (default)** or **Modal** to control the Affirm checkout flow.

  9. Set **Enable Affirm Analytics** to **Yes** to enable analytics tracking for the order confirmation page.

  • _VCN Payment Instrument should be disabled unless virtual card integration is enabled for your merchant account._

  • _Leave the Financing program fields blank. This is now managed by Affirm unless you are offering multiple financing programs on a SKU, category, or product level. To learn more about MFPs and how to set them up in Commerce Cloud, contact your Client Success Manager._

9. In the **Business Manager**, go to **Administration > Operations > Services > Service Credentials**.

  1. Choose **New**.

  2. Enter the following details:

  • Name: Affirm

  • User: Affirm Public Key

  • Password: Affirm Private Key

## Enable Inline checkout

With Inline Checkout, you can highlight Affirm’s value props early on in the checkout flow and set clear expectations with your customers.

### How it works

When a customer selects Affirm as a payment option, the view expands and renders the following information in your site:

  • **Value props:** Highlights some of the benefits of paying with Affirm.

  • **Learn more about Affirm:** A learn more link that opens our educational modal.

  • **Payment timelines:** The timeline and amount for each payment.


This image displays the Inline flow for <<glossary:Pay in 4>> and Installment options.

### Enable Inline Checkout Messaging

  1. In the **Business Manager** main page, go to **Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Site Preferences > Affirm**.

  2. Set the **Show Affirm Inline Checkout Messaging** to **Yes**.

## Using Multiple Financing Programs

[Multiple Financing Programs (MFPs)](🔗) allow you to offer custom financing programs to your customers based on rules you define in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. To learn more about MFPs and how to set them up in Commerce Cloud, contact your Client Success Manager.