## Overview

This guide walks you through integrating Affirm with your BigCommerce platform.

## Step 1: Confirm your website is using Optimized one-page checkout

Before proceeding with the integration, you'll need to ensure that the _Optimized one-page_ checkout is enabled. Follow the steps below to confirm:

  1. Go to **Settings > Advanced > Checkout**.

  2. Check whether you can see the _Checkout Type_ setting. If you can't, you already use the _Optimized one-page checkout_ and can proceed to the next step.

  3. If you are on a legacy checkout, you will see the _Checkout Type_ field available with either _Single-page express_ checkout or _Multiple-page_ checkout selected.

  4. To enable Affirm, you need to select **Optimized one-page checkout** and click **Save**.

Optimized one-page checkout

For more information about Optimized one-page checkout, visit <https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/article/Optimized-Single-Page-Checkout>.

## Step 2: Enable Affirm as an online payment method

  1. Go to **Settings > Setup > Payments** and scroll down to **Additional Providers**.

  2. Under **Online Payment Methods**, look for **Affirm** and click the toggle button to turn it on.

  1. Click on **Affirm Settings** and fill in the corresponding fields with the API key pair credentials from your Affirm merchant account.

### Affirm Settings

**Public Key**The Public Key from your [Affirm dashboard](🔗).
**Private Key**The Private Key from your Affirm dashboard.
**Minimum Order Value**The minimum order amount (before taxes and discounts) that must be met before Affirm displays as an option at checkout. If blank, Affirm will be displayed for all orders over $50.
**Transaction Type**Can be set to Authorize & Capture or Authorize Only. - _Authorize & Capture_ will capture your Affirm charge and your order will have the status of **Awaiting Fulfillment in BigCommerce**. - _Authorize Only_ allows you to capture the funds manually. Your order will have the status of _Awaiting Payment in BigCommerce_. Once you manually capture the order in BigCommerce, the transaction will also be captured automatically in Affirm. See [Manually Capturing Transactions (Authorize Only)](🔗) to learn more on how to manually capture transactions within BigCommerce.
**Test Mode**Determines whether your store is in sandbox or **Test Mode**. Make sure this is enabled until you are ready to take live payments.