## Overview

This guide outlines the necessary steps to uninstall the existing Affirm payments method on your Shopify account.

## Uninstall the Affirm payments app

1\. From the homepage of your account navigate to **Settings**, located in the bottom left corner of the page.

2\. On the **Settings** page, click on the **Payments** option located on the navigation bar.

3\. Once you’re on the **Payments** page, locate the “**Additional payment methods**” section, followed by the **Affirm payment method** and select the **Manage** button.

## Deactivate Affirm

1\. Select **Deactivate Affirm**, which will prompt a new window to appear to finalize your selection.

2\. On the pop-up window, select **Deactivate Affirm** again to finalize your selection.

3\. When Affirm is successfully deactivated, a box will appear at the bottom of your screen stating, **Affirm deactivated**.