API keys

If your payment settings require API keys, please refer to [these steps](🔗).

## Overview

This guide outlines the necessary steps to add the Affirm Payments App to your Shopify account.

## Add the Affirm app

1\. Navigate to the **Affirm Payments App** ([here](🔗)) in the Shopify App Store and click the **Add app** button.

2\. Accept the Shopify Permissions by clicking **Install app**.

3\. After accepting the Shopify permissions, select your **country/region** (US or Canada) to be redirected to the Affirm Merchant log in window.

4\. Next, you will be prompted to sign into the **Affirm Merchant Dashboard**, using your registered email address and password.

Do you manage multiple Shopify stores?

If you manage multiple stores using separate Affirm accounts, please use a unique email login for each shop. Reach out to us using the Support widget below for assistance.

5\. Navigate to the payment settings and confirm that the **Account status** shows that Affirm is connected.

6\. Choose to activate Affirm **[with testing](🔗)** or **[without testing](🔗)**.

## Activate Affirm with testing

1\. To test the integration prior to activation, keep the **Enable test mode** box checked and then click **Activate Affirm**.

2\. To test the Affirm checkout, reference [this guide](🔗). 3\. After testing your integration, you can disable test mode by navigating to the **Payment settings** and unchecking the **Enable test mode** box , followed by clicking **Save**.

The Affirm Payments app is now live and connected.

## Activate Affirm without testing

To activate without testing, uncheck the “**Enable test mode**” box and click **Activate Affirm**.

The Affirm Payments app is now live and connected.