TypeData typeDescription
**Class** <span style="color:red">required</span>_string_These classes determine the Affirm promotional messaging component to display.
Displays monthly payment messaging with educational product modal.
Displays educational site modal.
Displays educational product modal.
**data-amount** <span style="color:red">required</span>_integer_The loan amount passed to display price specific messaging. Value in USD cents (e.g., $100 = 10000).
**data-page-type** <span style="color:red">required</span>_string_Identifies your promotional messaging so Affirm can apply the necessary customizations based on which page they are displayed.
Your site's homepage.
A landing page that describes Affirm.
Your site's search results page.
A category listing page.
A product description page.
Your site's cart page.
The payment selection page.
A banner image (use for any promotional messaging triggered by your banner or image regardless of page location).
**data-affirm-type** _optional__string_Sets the Affirm logo type. Default displays Affirm logo image.
Displays Affirm logo in plain text.
Displays Affirm logo as a symbol.
**data-affirm-color** _optional__string_Sets the Affirm logo color. Default displays the primary (indigo) Affirm logo.
Displays black color Affirm logo.
Displays white color Affirm logo.
**data-category** _optional__string_Identifies the product category associated with the messaging for analytics tracking (e.g., electronics, furniture).
**data-brand** _optional__string_Identifies the brand category associated with the messaging for analytics tracking (e.g., Samsung, Goodyear).
**data-sku** _optional__string_Identifies the SKU associated with the messaging for analytics tracking (e.g., ABC123, SMSNG-50-TV).
**data-learnmore-show** _optional__string_Shows or suppresses the link to the modal.
Suppresses the link and hyperlinks the entire promo.
Shows the link.